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Tunis Family Members Visit the Homestead

By Mary Prendergast, Published in The Review, Fall 2023, Volume 62, Number 2.

On September 2, six Tunis family descendants visited the Tunis-Ellicks house. Sadly, the trip came about because Nancy Tunis Klein, a daughter of Allen Chandler "Slim" Tunis who lived in the house at 59 Millbrook Road built by the first Daniel Tunis in 1792, had died recently. The family will gather for a memorial service in April at the Presbyterian church in New Vernon, but they wanted to see the interior of the Tunis-Ellicks House where their ancestors lived from 1838 to about 1938, when it was sold to Lee Ellicks. Our visitors were Lucille Tunis Pruden, Slim's oldest daughter, and his grandchildren Laurie Klein Boyle, Deborah Klein Fahey and Pamela Klein Lane, plus husbands Greg Fahy and Bradley Boyle. They saw the Tunis mantle formerly in the 1792 house and a lot of framed photos of their ancestors, as well as photos they had never seen of the house where they grew up. Now Laurie Boyle, who lives in Byram NJ, has volunteered to help us at HTHS.

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